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Blue Connect Smart Pool Analyser


Blue Connect, the smart pool analyser, is a device that combines a water quality sensor and smart algorithms which mix water data, weather data and user data. Blue Connect and its smartphone app help you look after your pool 24/7, wherever you are with the connected pool water analyser and the free Blue Connect app. Now there is no more uncertainty about what is happening in your pool.

This device measures and analyses: temperature, pH Levels, ORP, water conductivity, salt levels and chemicals needed.

Blue Connect is for all pool types (chlorine or bromine) where the device will be placed freely in the pool.

Measures and analyses all significant variables in your pool water

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Product description


From your pool’s pH levels to the water conductivity, Blue Connect accurately measures and analyses everything you need to know about your pool and shares this information right back with you.


Blue Connect is always on and continuously measuring the key parameters of your pool with precision. Now you can easily view and analyse the results on your phone with the Blue Connect app.


Blue Connect works with all types of pools and only takes 3 minutes to install. Adapted to your needs it can either float in the pool or be fixed in the technical room thanks to the Blue Fit50 accessory.


Blue Connect links to the cloud straight out of the box via Sigfox wireless transmission. It can just as easily connect to your phone via local Bluetooth. An optional WiFi connection is also available with Blue Extender.

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Dimensions 39 × 14 cm