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Why is my pool water cloudy?

The PoolSmartz team lend helpful tips on why your pool water may be cloudy or green. PoolSmartz have a team of experts ready to help restore your pool water or give you advice on the right chemicals and filtration times for a sparkling pool.

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PoolSmartz launch new products at Home Expo

PoolSmartz showcased a range of new products at the 2019 Mackay Home Show, including its new line of spas, saunas and popular Plungie ™.

Six new spas (from supplier Just Spas) included the luxurious Swim Stream 342 spa, which seats up to 6 adults and boasts 42 hydrotherapy jets with massage variations to suit all needs.

Special discounts and offers were also available to participants over the weekend.

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Taking the plunge into new waters

PoolSmartz Mount Pleasant has launched its new line of plunge pools, providing locals with more options when it comes to backyard entertaining.

The Plungie™ range of pools by the Plunge Pool Company are prefabricated, precast concrete plunge pools (similar to ones seen on top renovation shows like The Block), delivered to your site, ready to swim.

PoolSmartz Branch Manager Kevin Smith said the Plungie™ can be installed quickly and is a cost-effective in-ground or above-ground pool.

“Plunge pools are becoming more popular particularly for home owners with smaller blocks and those who want an affordable way to entertain and relax,” he said.

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Help, my pool has turned green!

Not only is a green pool an eyesore, but it’s also unsafe to swim in! When a pool turns green, it’s become a breeding ground of algae and bacteria.

How do you restore your pool to its sparkling glory?

The number one reported pool complaint is a green pool! This is caused by an algae infestation.

Algae can grow very rapidly.

To treat your pool, you will need to use an algaecide; a product especially designed to treat the algae present in your pool, and also prevent future growth.

Algae will continue to grow as long as it has a food source. It is therefore imperative that you also remove the contaminants that algae feed on (you do this by adding a shock dose of chlorine). Follow the advice below or seek professional advice from your local PoolSmartz staff members.  Ph 4942 3106.


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